Our products are sourced from the who’s who of the security and Automation industry like Honeywell, Bosch, HP, HID, Matrix etc.. Our association with these world class brands ensures speedy product delivery, installation and service for our end customers apart from the high quality of the product.
Our futuristic products help enhance your security, aids in surveillance to insure against possible theft, track employment schedules and work practices to aid productivity and round the clock safety monitoring against accidents and disasters.
Access Control
Access Control systems play an integral part in large industries and corporate like IT companies or Government organizations in restricting access to unauthorized personnel without need for human intervention. If you are looking to restrict Visitor/Employee Movement to certain areas within campus this would be the ideal solution for you. When coupled with a Visitor management system this can help in tracking and effectively managing visitor appointments and Entry/Exit.
Time and Attendance Machine
Time and Attendance Machines help in better work force management. They are a boon to HR managers looking to enforce best practices and identify non punctual employees. Apart from automating attendance record collection, when coupled with (Access Control Systems) they can act as a powerful tool for work force tracking and identifying employee activity within the campus. We at City Communication ensure that with proper support and advanced software your Attendance records are virtually error free and will help in smooth functioning of your organization.