Our products are sourced from the who’s who of the security and Automation industry like Honeywell, Bosch, HP, HID, Matrix etc.. Our association with these world class brands ensures speedy product delivery, installation and service for our end customers apart from the high quality of the product.
Our futuristic products help enhance your security, aids in surveillance to insure against possible theft, track employment schedules and work practices to aid productivity and round the clock safety monitoring against accidents and disasters.
Burglar Alarm
Today Burglar Alarms are used in a widespread manner not only in Corporate’s or Industries but also in Independent houses and Apartment complexes .Burglar Alarms are integral in prospecting inventory, movable property and human life. When perfectly integrated with Firealarm systems and Centralized monitory services complete with CCTV’s they can help identify miscreants and help prevent mishaps from occurring.
Fire Alarm
Fire Alarms are a legal necessity for any organization of any considerable size, and rightly so. Advanced Fire alarms help protect valuable human life and goods from perishing by effectively detecting in advance any faults In the electric line or industrial furnaces in office’s and industries. These advance warning systems help in prevention of any unwanted damage to life and property. At home they can be deployed to detect leakage in gas pipe lines. City Communications has the right product to meet any requirement for any unique surrounding.